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Divorce & Custody Mediation ~ Effective Alternative to Litigation

Divorce can be a life changing transition, which is complex, unfamiliar and stressful.  At Sano & Associates, we are dedicated to providing you an opportunity to reach a mutually agreeable solution that is best for the both of you and most importantly, for your children, without the adversarial process that impacts families and children.

Divorce & Custody Mediation offers an effective and confidential alternative to avoid the expense, time, stress and hostilities of court proceedings.  An experienced Family Law Attorney will assist you as a neutral intermediary during a confidential settlement discussion.  At Sano & Associates, we work closely with a team of highly and specially trained legal, psychological and financial professionals who can supports you in evaluating your options, evaluating your goals and exploring ways of reaching agreements that create a win/win situation that can not be achieved in most litigated divorces.

Let us assist you in focusing on the transitioning family unit to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both of you and your children without the underlying threat of contested litigation.

DIVORCE & CUSTODY MEDIATION (For Self-Represented Parties): $4,600

Our services include:
  • Initial three-way consultation (typically about 1.5 hours) to asses the parties'  agreements and disagreements. 
  • Preparation of all required judicial council forms (Petition, Response, and Request for Judgment, etc.) except for Schedule of Assets and Debts (form F-142) and Income and Expense Declaration (form FL-150). These two forms must be completed by the parties.  
  • Drafting of Marital Settlement Agreement and notary fees. 
  • Final signing session (typically about 1.5 hours).
Each mediation session is one-and-a-half hour (1.5 hours) and our fee is $400 per session.  Our experienced family law attorney will serve as a neutral mediator and help the parties resolve the conflict amicably and cost effectively as possible.  

INITIAL CONSULTATION: In-Person $300/90 min.

  • Initial consultations require an appointment and both spouses must participate in the initial consultation. 
  • Execution of a retainer agreement is not required at that time, while our discussion remains strictly confidential.
  • Should you decide to retain our services, $300 will be credited towards your mediation fees.
Contact  us to schedule your appointment for an initial consultation.