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Divorce & Custody Mediation ~ Effective Alternative to Litigation

Divorce can be a life changing transition, which is complex, unfamiliar and stressful.  At Sano & Associates, we are dedicated to providing you an opportunity to reach a mutually agreeable solution that is best for the both of you and most importantly, for your children, without the adversarial process that impacts families and children.

Divorce & Custody Mediation offers an effective and confidential alternative to avoid the expense, time, stress and hostilities of court proceedings.  An experienced Family Law Attorney will assist you as a neutral intermediary during a confidential settlement discussion.  At Sano & Associates, we work closely with a team of highly and specially trained legal, psychological and financial professionals who can supports you in evaluating your options, evaluating your goals and exploring ways of reaching agreements that create a win/win situation that can not be achieved in most litigated divorces.

Let us assist you in focusing on the transitioning family unit to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both of you and your children without the underlying threat of contested litigation.

DIVORCE CONSULTATION: In-Person $300/90 minutes. By-Phone $150/45 minutes

  • Initial consultations require an appointment.
  • For Divorce Mediation, both spouses must participate in the initial consultation. Should you decide to retain our mediation services, consultation fee will be credited towards your mediation fees.
  • Execution of a retainer agreement is not required at that time, while our discussion remains strictly confidential.  In fact, our current family law practice is limited to assisting self-represented parties with document preparations and mediation.
  • Contact us to schedule your appointment for an initial consultation.

DIVORCE & CUSTODY MEDIATION (For Self-Represented Parties): $2,500 per spouse.

Our services include:
  • Initial three-way consultation (typically about 1.5 hours) to asses the parties'  agreements and disagreements. 
  • Preparation of all required judicial council forms (Petition, Response, and Request for Judgment, etc.) except for Schedule of Assets and Debts (form F-142) and Income and Expense Declaration (form FL-150). These two forms must be completed by the parties.  
  • Drafting of Marital Settlement Agreement and notary fees. 
  • One 1.5 hour mediation session.
  • Final signing session (typically about 1.5 hours).
Each additional mediation session is one-and-a-half hour (1.5 hours) and our fee is $200 per party per session.  Our experienced family law attorney will serve as a neutral mediator and help the parties resolve the conflict amicably and cost effectively as possible.  


  • Requires initial consultations. (By-phone 45 minutes/$150 or In-person 90 minutes/$300)
 Required documents:
  • Petition or Response for Request for Dissolution of Marriage: $600
  • Schedule of Assets & Debts and Income & Expense Declaration: $1,500
  • Marital Settlement Agreement: $2,400
  • Request for Judgment: $900
  • All of the above (discounted): $5,000 
 Optional documents:
  • Request for Order (RFO)* and Supporting Declaration(s): $300/per hour, minimum $3,000
  • Stipulation: $1,500

*An RFO is used to obtain (temporary) court orders during the divorce proceeding and after a judgment has been entered in a case. The most common temporary orders requested are child custody and visitation, and child support, and spousal support. As in most family law matters, there are mandatory forms and procedures that must be followed, and the request or opposition must be accompanied by supporting declarations(s).